Tuesday, 6 February 2007

SM Choukyoushi Hitomi

Super Famicom



Not all games released for the Super Famicom, or any other system for that matter, were officially recognised by the manufacturers. Some games, in fact were made, sold and played completely without Captain N’s knowledge. So here we have an anonymous game that might have been coded and released any time since the birth of the Super Famicom to when I first discovered it about a year ago. SM is a game of almost no redeeming features at all, and yet it deserves to be examined simply as a curio, a matter of interest, a strange artefact with no clue as to its origins. As such, SM is absolutely fascinating, nauseating, and very weird indeed. The game is a pornographic text based adventure. After flashing a pixelated photo of an actual woman onto the screen, a story is told in blocky Japanese writing, with badly drawn anime style images appearing above the dialogue. The rest of the screen is black. There is no music. Every so often, you get to choose from two or three different options, that sees the doe eyed school girl generally being tortured by your hand. While it never descends into full on unmasked penetration, it does get very close at times. After a bit of trial and error you end up with your ‘reward’, some pictures of an actual semi naked woman. Then some credits, and the game loops back to the start.

Obviously an illegal pirate, the ROM image for this strange little game can be found floating around on the internet. To be honest, I can’t shed much light on its origin or meanings, other than it has two sequels. Have a scout around for information, you might get lucky. While from reading its description you might think that it wasn’t worth playing, I can only urge you to track down the ROM right now. I can guarantee you won’t enjoy it, but it has to be experienced. Its unpolished state gives the game a very scary edge. Taken out of Nintendo’s comfortable jurisdiction, you feel anything could happen next. I felt myself wondering at several times what I might find on the ROM if I kept on playing and guessing the ‘right’ decisions. Imagine picking up this game at a car boot sale. It has no label to speak of, other than a white sticker with the words ‘SM CHOUKYUSHI HITOMI’ written on it in faded biro. You take it home and stick it into your import converter and are greeted with the title screen.

Now that’s scary.

Graphics: 3

Gameplay: 0

Music: 0

Experience: 6

Total: 9/40

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